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The Influence of Turkish Culture on my Cooking

It would be safe to say that my many trips to Turkey and exposure to the rich culture, incredible people and amazing food has had an impact like no other on both my palette and my interest in cooking.

Turkish food really is some of the best tasting, healthy and wholesome food I’ve ever had the pleasure of being introduced to. I always find myself experimenting in the kitchen with the dense and pleasing flavours that Turkish cooking has to offer. Flavour here is key, with kebaps, pilaf and lamachun the go-to dishes for many food tourists much like myself.


Lamachun (Turkish Pizza)


Turkish cuisine is proof that wholesome food doesn’t have to be bland and flavourless! The recipes are quick, simple and – most importantly – good for the mind and body. A nice portion of lean meat, paired with rice and a side of vegetables or salad can do wonders for both your health and your tastebuds!

The best thing about most of the flavoursome foods that Turkey has to offer is that not only is it healthy, the use of spices and ingredients which serve to flavour the meat mean that it doesn’t taste like the healthy meal stereotype that many of us are used to hearing about – dry, bland chicken with a side of unseasoned vegetables.


Kebap shish


Turkish cuisine is bursting with flavour with melt-in-the-mouth meats and richly – although not overpowering – flavoured rice and vegetables. There’s a good reason why Turkish food is the preferred choice for many bodybuilders and people on diets or watching what they consume, myself included.




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