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History of Turkish Cuisine

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Turkish cuisine is one of the top ten cuisines in the world.

Turkey sits on an historical trade route as it was located on a critical stop on the Silk Road.
For caravans heading both east and west, Turkey was a gateway. This is why Turkish cuisine became the melting pot of many cuisines.
In Turkish culinary tradition you can find traces of dozens of cuisines…. from Central Asia all the way to Europe.

But Turkish cuisine is more than fusion, it is also refinement and a key ingredient is olive oil.

Especially during the ottoman reign, hundreds of local dishes were refined in the Sultans kitchen and one of the greatest cuisines in the world was born.

The variety of Turkish cuisine is impressive from soups to meze, meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, pastries to deserts….. there’s a heavenly delicacy for every gastronome.

What’s more, historical culinary traditions of blending and refining are still alive today. Modern Turkish cuisine is highly regarded by experts………no wonder Istanbul has one of the most sophisticated culinary scenes in the world.

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