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Experimenting & Cooking with new Turkish, Burmese, Malaysian, Indian and Italian Recipes

I love to try new foods and create new recipes for me and my family and a lot of my cooking is influenced by the countries that I have visited and my cosmopolitan mix of family and friends. But I will always have a soft spot for Turkish food and cooking.

I am very passionate about its wholesome, delicious, fresh produce and the amazing history, landscape and heritage that this country offers. I’m not Turkish but love their hospitality which is a big part of Turkish culture.

Food should be the hub of everyday life and in my home… it is! Every week I create/try new foods and recipes and my family have the pleasure of being the first to try my “creations”. No one should ever leave my table without feeling satisfied and happy.

I’ve been busy over the past 6 months experimenting and creating some new recipes that will be featured in my new cook book. As well as my beloved Turkish recipes, there are wonderful flavours & fusions from Burma, India, Italy and Malaysia, to name just a few.

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